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Antheon makes
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At Antheon, we believe that data can be invaluable if you translate it well into actionable insights, conclusions and improvements. That’s why we help organizations with data analyses and solutions that help employees and customers, and therefore the company, to create maximum business value. We work in an inquisitive, enjoyable and forward looking way. For quick and low-cost results, we use off-the-shelve software from Microsoft, for example, as much as possible. Adding our expertise and experience, and the subject matter knowledge of our clients, we achieve the best results.

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Antheon is a young company with a strong focus on data analysis and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to deliver powerful data sciencebusiness intelligence and artificial intelligence solutions. This way we can provide your company with clear, actionable insights and help you to optimize your business processes.

With a small, but highly motivated team, working from a beautiful historic building on the Herengracht in Amsterdam, we are constantly working on being the best we can be. By doing our utmost for our clients, with commitment, a results-driven group of data specialists and with a passion for innovation. By being flexible in our work locations and working hours, and by entertaining ourselves through get-togethers and activities, we stay focused, driven and creative.

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