Intelligent Chatbots

One digital employee, infinitely many satisfied customers.

May we introduce you to our Intelligent Chatbot, your new customer service colleague? By analyzing the data from customer’s questions and converting it into automatic answers that are provided by our chatbots, we help you to serve your customers even better.

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Answering customer’s questions does not have to be a time consuming and expensive job. Antheon creates tailor-made Intelligent Chatbots. These chatbots understand the customer’s question and can perform many different types of tasks thanks to collected data about previous interactions. Does a visitor on the site ask a question that is often asked? Then the chatbot will automatically answer it!
It also helps with scheduling appointments and even with the pre-screening of applicants.

When developing these chatbots, Antheon focuses on a flawless user experience and a natural flow of the conversation. This makes the Intelligent Chatbot your best employee at customer service or HR in no time! Our bots work plug-and-play on a large number of platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram and Slack. Besides, the Chatbot is 100% customizable and can be fully integrated with your systems and back office.


Our Intelligent Chatbots services

  • Design the persona of the chatbot and dialogs
  • Tailor made implementation of a chatbot
  • Add Artificial Intelligence, such as sentiment analysis, image recognition or language recognition
  • Operationalize the chatbot
  • Provide insights into the use of the chatbot
  • Provide training on how to use and optimize the chatbot

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